Posted on: July 28, 2011 8:13 pm

Is it time to go 2-start?

I get this question from my friends all the time:

I'm 3 games out of a playoff spot. Is it time to go all 2-starters every week yet?

Its a little more than simple math. If there are 6 weeks left in the fantasy season and you are 3 games out, then simple math would tell you you're still in it, duh. No need to panic.

But if you're fantasy guru as I am, you might want take a little more into consideration:

1. The team(s) you're trying to catch for that spot are probably pretty solid and barring a complete miraculous meltdown, the best you can hope is for them to go 2-4 the last 6 weeks. This means that you're probably gonna have to go 5-1 just to tie and hope you beat them in points, i.e. you're gonna need to win out the rest of the season. Is your current pitching that good?

2. Take a look at that team's schedule and compare it to yours. If they face easier opponents than you, this makes it more likely you'll have to win out the rest of the season. If they face 3 or more teams where the owners have quit participating, you're hanging on by a thread.

You need to ask yourself, even if you're a (for example) Chris Carpenter fan, if he's had an off year are you going to contiue to one-start him and let him cost you your season and possibly money? Or are you going to put in the hot pitcher who just struck out 10 batters last outing and gets 2 starts this week?

In the end, only you can decide how to play the final weeks of the fantasy season. It seperates the boys from the men in fantasy. I'll answer the question as if one of my friends asked it. If you're 3 games out and theres only 6 weeks in the fantasy season left, then yes, I would put as many 2-starts out there as you could. In my 16 years of fantasy baseball, Ive caught that last playoff spot in worse situations. Just one word of caution: Do your homework on those 2-starts.
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